Become a Patient Experience Advisor


Central Health is working toward a more person- and family-centred philosophy of care.  Finding ways to hear patient and family voices is key to PFCC. Through partnership with patients and families we can improve healthcare in our region. One way to develop that important partnership is by including patient experience advisors as team members throughout Central Health.


What is a patient experience advisor?

Patient Experience Advisors have had a health care experience within Central Health themselves or have a family member who has experienced care.  This care might be as a resident in a long-term care facility, as an inpatient in an acute care setting, as an outpatient visiting a health center, or as a client of a community service. Patient Experience Advisors use their experiences with health care delivery to bring a patient- and family- focused lens to health care improvement.


Why is Central Health partnering with patients and families?

At Central Health we recognize the importance of patient and family voices in making a better health care system.  Historically health care improvement has often focused on people who work within the health care facility.  Evidence and day -to- day experience shows us that in fact everyone's voice needs to be included - not just the people who are care providers.  Evidence shows that we can learn a lot from the experiences of patients and families in how to make healthcare safer, improve outcomes and improve both patient and staff experiences.


Why should I apply?

Your experience can help us improve the quality of healthcare in our area. You can make a difference - improving healthcare services for you and your loved ones. Research shows us that involving patient perspective in all that we do leads to better outcomes and safer healthcare.


Additional Resources

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Institute for Patient and Family-Centred Care (IPFCC) -The Institute for Patient and Family-Centred Care provides guidance, information, and resources related to multiple aspects of patient- and family-centred care, including how to involve patients and family advisors in the planning, delivery and evaluation of care.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Accreditation Canada


Who can I contact to learn more?

Suzanne House
Patient Experience Leader
Central Health
(709) 256-5977