Our Values

Central Health's core values offer principles and a guiding framework for all employees as they work in their various capacities to support the health and well-being of the people served by Central Health. This is done within available resources except where otherwise directed by legislation. These core values and the related action statements are: 

  • Accountability - Each person is responsible for giving their absolute best effort to achieving the success of the organization's vision of healthy people in healthy communities.
  • Collaboration - Each person works as a team and partners with other providers and organizations to best meet the holistic needs of clients and the organization.
  • Excellence - Each person contributes to quality improvement and a culture of safety through the life-long development of their knowledge, skills and use of best practices.
  • Fairness - Each person engages in practices that promote equity and adherence to ethical standards.                            
  • Privacy - Each person respects privacy and protects confidential information.
  • Respect - Each person is committed to fostering an environment that embraces respect, dignity and diversity and encourages honest, effective communication.