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Welcome to Medical Services 

The senior administrator responsible for Medical Services within Central Health is the Vice President of Medical Services, Dr. Jeff Cole. His office is staffed by employees at James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre, in Gander, as well as Corporate Office and Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre, in Grand Falls-Windsor. To contact the office of the Vice President of Medical Services please follow this link: Medical Services

The professional relationship between physicians and Central Health is formally documented within the Medical Staff Bylaws for the Central Health Authority.  The Medical Staff Committee exists as a mechanism for informing physicians about administrative and organizational issues and provides a channel for views of the staff, collective and individual, to reach senior management. The physicians of Central Health are organized into groups based on their clinical disciplines and health services area. Each of these groups has a Chief or Senior Medical Officer who sits on a Medical Advisory Committee. The Chief or Senior Medical Officer is responsible for the effective organization, management and functioning of the medical staff within the assigned program/service, health service area or referral centre. The Regional Medical Advisory Committee has representation from each of the two Referral Centre Medical Advisory Committees and the Rural Medical Advisory Committee.  The Medical Advisory Committees provide advice and recommendations on medical staff administration, quality of medical care, and medical human resource planning.

Central Health promotes a workplace that supports the physical and mental well-being, as well as the dignity and self-worth of everyone.  Central Health believes that physician safety and wellness is a shared responsibility and that all levels of staff must work together to promote health and safety. All medical staff are governed by Central Health's Bylaws Respecting Medical Staff. Please follow this link to review Central Health's policy on Respectful Workplace.

The Medical Services department is staffed by clerical support staff, a Regional Director, a Manager of Medical Services and a Physician Recruitment Coordinator. The staff of Medical Services are located at both Central Health Regional Office in Grand Falls-Windsor and James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre in Gander. This group exists to support and manage physician resources across the entire region and its facilities. Dr. Cole and staff receive direction from the CEO and Board of Trustees, with input from the Chiefs of Staff and Medical Advisory Committees across the region.


Chiefs of Staff/Rural Health




Chief of Staff - CNRHC

Dr. Steven Parsons

Chief of Staff - JPMRHC

Dr. Joseph Tumilty

Chief of Staff - Rural Health

Dr. Francois deWet


Regional Chief(s) - Referral Centres(CNRHC/JPMRHC)

Regional Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology                                               

 Dr. Jennifer Mercer                                               

Regional Chief of Pathology

 Dr. Ahmad Shogan

Regional Chief of Pediatrics


Regional Chief of Psychiatry

 Dr. Kristopher Luscombe

Regional Chief of Radiology

 Dr. Deirdre Sheahan


Chief(s) of Staff / Service - Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre (CNRHC)


Staff / Service


Chief of Staff

Dr. Steven Parsons

Chief of Anesthesia

Dr. S. Ravinuthala

Chief of Emergency

Dr. Combden

 Chief of Pediatrics

 Dr. Addai

Chief of Family Medicine

Dr. Ralph

 Chief of Family Medicine and OB

Dr. Bautista

Chief of Surgery

Dr. Clarkson

Chief of Internal Medicine

Dr. Kanwar Wadhwa


Chief(s) of Staff / Service - James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre (JPMRHC)


Staff / Service



Chief of Staff                                                         


Dr. Joseph Tumilty

Chief of Anesthesia


Dr. Mohammed Arif

Chief of Emergency


Dr. Shawn Tiller

Chief of Family Medicine


Dr. Carmel Casey

Chief of Surgery


Dr. Karolyn Dobbin

Chief of Orthopedic Surgery


Dr. Joe Tumilty

Co-Chiefs of Internal Medicine


Dr. Richard Lush and Dr. David Carroll

 Chief of Pediatrics


Dr. Ilse Kemp



Chief of Rural Health/Senior Medical Officers (SMO) (Region)


Chief / SMO


Chief of Rural Health, SMO Baie Verte / Buchans / Fogo

Dr. Francois deWet

SMO - Botwood

Dr. Jody Woolfrey

SMO - Harbour Breton / St. Albans

Dr. Charanjit Thind

SMO - Lewisporte


SMO - Brookfield / Glovertown / Eastport

Dr. Andrew Hunt

SMO - Springdale

Dr. Frank Hicks

SMO - Twillingate / Fogo

Dr. Mohammed Ravalia

We want to hear from you

Your feedback regarding your work experience here at Central Health is very important to us. Whenever you complete a locum or work experience here at Central Health please follow this link to complete our EXIT SURVEY. The information collected from this survey will be used as part of continuous improvement for the delivery of medical services programming at Central Health.


Orientation information and training you need

In order to work at Central Health please follow the links below to review and completed the information below which need to be completed in order for you to join our team.

Links to training

All of the training modules linked below should be completed as part of your work experience at Central Health. Some are required to be completed before you begin and some can be completed once you arrive to begin work and are categorized accordingly.

Required completion prior to commencement of employment 


Additional training to be completed upon commencement of employment

The training information below can be completed in advance, upon arrival or as a resource subsequent to onsite training if its required.

LANIER (Fusion expert)

Hand Hygiene Instructions & Hand Hygiene Module


Physician resources and policies

Below are policies and resources that all physicians should be familiar with prior to working with Central Health.

Guidelines on Email Use

Policy 1-30  Email

Policy 4-b-10 Confidentiality

Policy 4-b-70  Faxing Confidential Information

Policy 4-b-110  Use of Telephone Answering Machine to Communicate Personal Health Information

Policy 4-c-20  Circle of Care

Policy 4-e-40 Disclosure of Personal Health Information to Physicians for Billing Purposes

Policy 4-g-10 Privacy Breach Management

Policy 4-h-20 Auditing Access to Clinical Information Systems

Policy 5-20 Terms of Use for Staff

FRM PHI 019 Information Sharing Agreement for Health Care Professionals

FRM PHI 003 Oath/Affirmation of Confidentially

Policy 4-b-120 Secure transfer of Confidential Information via Mail, Courier or in Person

HEALTHe NL is the provincial electronic health record providing authorized health care professionals one point of access to view important patient information. It contains medication profiles, Eastern Health meditech data, including dictated reports, laboratory results, diagnostic imaging as well as provincial immunization data from 2003. As of September 20, 2016 Central Health lab and encounters data are included in the viewer. Please download and complete this registration form when you start work at Central Health: Healthe NL User Registration form

Careers at Central Health - a great place to work!

Career opportunities and job postings can be accessed by following this link:  Practice NL


Additional Resources

NLMA MOU - The Memorandum of Agreement between the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is a negotiated Agreement of levels of compensation, working conditions, employment related benefits and service coverage.

The licensing process for physicians is handled through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of NL (CPSNL). A physician should review the requirements under the Medical Regulations as well as review and understand the Advisory to Applicants prior to applying for licensure. Physicians interested in practicing medicine in Newfoundland and Labrador must apply online through The current contact information for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador (CPSNL)is:

College of Physicians and Surgeons of NL
120 Torbay Road Suite W100
St. John's, NL, A1A 2G8
Phone: (709) 726-8546
Fax: (709) 726-4725


College of Surgeons and Physicians Doctor Search


Community links - a great place to live and play!

The central region of Newfoundland and Labrador is, literally and figuratively, in the very heart of Newfoundland. It has a natural beauty, boasting boreal forests and rugged coastlines in abundance.

The interior, covered with huge stands of birch, spruce and pine, provides a vast wilderness that houses a variety of flora and fauna for the outdoor enthusiasts. With its scores of bays, big and small and dotted with islands, the northeast coast attracts humpback whales and towering icebergs each spring. On the south coast, a handful of remote communities nestled around secluded harbours are still only accessible only by boat providing budding photographers with treasures to behold.

The region's aboriginal history goes back 5,000 years and includes the Dorset people who carved soapstone pots at Newfoundland's first quarry. Their story can be seen in Fleur de Lys on the Baie Verte Peninsula, an area with a 150-year-old mining history. Discover the story of the Beothuks, a people who once hunted and fished here, at the Beothuk Interpretation Centre at Boyd's Cove. Notre Dame Bay is teeming with humpback whales and icebergs. See them from the coast or from a tour boat. For the more adventurous, explore the coastline and all of its visitors up close and personal from the seat of a kayak.

Heading northeast on Route 340 off the main highway, clapboard houses sit atop the rocky coast as wharves and boats testify to the continuing importance of the centuries-old fishing industry. Most of the people living here descended from West Country fishermen who settled these shores more than two centuries ago. In addition, their dialect and music remain firmly rooted in the old country.

Towards the south, the Mi'kmaqs of Conne River holds an annual Pow Wow that welcomes people from all over. At Harbour Breton, the Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre displays the history of this coastal part of the province.

Grand Falls-Windsor and neighbours host thousands of visitors for the Exploits Valley Salmon Festival, an outdoor concert event each July. While in town, the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, complete with underwater viewing, is a great place to learn about the habitat and life cycle of the Atlantic salmon.

The Barbour Living Heritage Village in New-Wes-Valley is a must-see featuring architectural gems, historic buildings, tours, and dinner theatres that tell the stories of this fascinating part of the coast. Just down the road, find impressive stretches of light sandy beaches (without the usual crowds) at Windmill Bight, Musgrave Harbour, and Lumsden.

Dubbed the Crossroads of the World due to its international airport, the town of Gander features an outstanding aviation museum complete with vintage aircraft like a Hudson Bomber. Stretch your legs with a 10-km hike along the scenic Alexander Murray Trail in King's Point. Or head to Terra Nova National Park for whale watching, birdwatching, hiking, or camping in and around 400 square kilometres of boreal forest and coastline.

Visit Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism - for more detailed information on the features of this geographical area of the province. For specific information on the towns and communities within the region follow one of the links below.

Baie Verte



Fogo Island



Grand Falls-Windsor

Harbor Breton



St. Albans