Total visitor precautions at Bonnews Lodge in New-Wes-Valley - 14/03/2018


Due to cases of gastrointestinal illness, immediate total visitor precautions are in place at Bonnews Lodge in New-Wes-Valley. Visitors are not permitted at this time.

These visitor precautions do not apply to family members visiting palliative care residents.

All visitors to any Central Health facility are reminded to wash their hands after arriving and before leaving the facility.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of gastrointestinal illness, please delay visiting any of our facilities until at least 48 hours after your symptoms have subsided.

Central Health recognizes the importance of family and friend visits. Your understanding and assistance in preventing the spread of this illness is appreciated.

Updates will be posted on Twitter (@CentralHealthNL).


Background information

Gastrointestinal illness can occur year-round. Common symptoms include diarrhea and/or vomiting, and may be accompanied by muscle aches and low-grade fever. This illness can be debilitating for the very young, the very old, and those with compromised immune systems.  



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