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Ethics & Research


There are times that having to make healthcare decisions for yourself, for someone you love or for a patient you are taking care of can be very difficult. It may be hard to decide what is best for you to do. The word ‘ethics' refers to the examination of our basic moral values and provides a guideline to help us understand what we should and should not do. When values conflict while making a decision, we can face an ethical dilemma. Central Health has an Ethics Consultation process to assist in making decisions when faced with an ethical dilemma.


Ethics consultation provides a facilitated forum for thoughtful exploration of how to act well and make morally sound choices based on beliefs and values about life, health, suffering and death. Through the ethical, legal and expert resources of the Provincial Health Ethics Network of NL, the service provides an opportunity for thoughtful discussion and review of the ethical dimensions of each case. For more information on this process follow this link to: Ethics Consultation Information. 

Ethics Consultation Request Form


All research conducted within Central Health requires review and approval by the provincial Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) and Central Health's Research Review Committee.  Applications for research review by the HREB are available at


Once research is approved by the HREA, principal investigators will submit a Research Request form to the Research Review Committee at Central Health along with their HREB approval letter to Through this process, Central Health will facilitate review to determine whether the requests of the principal investigators can be accommodated.  


Anyone requiring assistance with the process for research review can email  

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