Opioid Treatment and Naloxone

Treatment for Opioid Dependency

Help is available for you and your family if you are a youth or adult and have concerns related to opioid use or want help to reduce the physical, mental, and emotional withdrawal symptoms. For example, methadone or Suboxone may be a medication-assisted treatment option.


Please don't hesitate to talk to your doctor or a mental health and addictions counsellor about the best options for you.

April 12, 2019 Health and Community Services announces Mental Health and Addictions expansion with Introduction of Opioid Dependency Treatment Program in Gander. 

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Take Home Naloxone Kits

Take Home Naloxone Kits are for individuals who are at risk of an opioid overdose and for their friends/family who might witness an overdose:

  • Call 911 right away if you think that someone is having an overdose

  • Naloxone is a temporary medication that can save a life in the event of a fentanyl or other opioid overdose

  • Naloxone Kits are free and instruction is provided


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