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Central Health advises gradual increase in visitation at facilities

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Central Health is pleased to advise an increase in visitation opportunities for patients and residents in its facilities across the region. This includes acute care facilities, health centres and long-term care homes. Each facility will have specific instructions and protocol to allow visitation. Because of COVID-19 social distancing and physical distancing measures, we are asking that the public please do not show up without a scheduled visitation time. Please see contact list below for all contacts for Central Health facilities.

  • Patients in hospitals and health centres and residents of long-term care homes can designate one support person/visitor, who will not change for the duration of visiting restrictions. The clinical team will make arrangements with the patients and residents and will contact the designated person for visitation.

  • Family members of long-term care residents and acute care patients will be contacted this week by Central Health staff who will explain the procedures for visiting at each individual site.

  • For outpatient appointments, individuals with comprehension or mobility concerns who require a support person may have one support person attend appointments with them.

  • For palliative care, the guidelines vary for different stages. The clinical team will contact family members and provide direction for visiting in palliative care.

  • Children who are admitted to hospital may have both parents visit at the same time.

  • General visitation is not permitted at this time.

  • Two visitors are allowed in ICU at the same time.

  • Obstetrics patients can have one support person and one doula attend the delivery. For patients and their newborns, their support person can continue to support the patient until discharge. The support person can stay for the duration of the patient’s stay, or come and go daily as required.

  • Family members with questions may contact the facility where their loved one is located. Contact details are listed below.

  • All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 and be provided a mask, which they must wear during their visit.

  • Complete guidelines are available here (

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the Provincial Department of Health and Community Services website at: For updates pertaining to Central Health’s ongoing services, please visit our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Media Contact:

Gayle St. Croix

Director of Communications

(709) 572-1165


A.M. Guy Memorial Health Centre Contact: Kyle Smook (709) 672-2228

Lewisporte Health Centre and Lewisporte Protective Community Residence Contact: Rhonda Luscombe (709) 535-0825

Fogo Island Health Centre/Change Islands Clinic Contact: Sheldon Hamlyn (709) 266-3426

Christina Cole Memorial Residence Contact: Carla Reddick (709) 266-3433

Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre Contact: Michelle Brown-Burton (709) 532-5247

Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre Contact: Theresa King (709) 884-4253

Valley Vista Senior Citizens' Home Contact: Jessica Green (709) 673-8103 and Jodie Roberts (709) 673-8109

Green Bay Health Centre Contact: Loretta Bennett (709) 673-5314

Dr. Y.K Jeon Kittiwake Health Centre Contact: Nadine Rideout (709) 536-6187

Carmelite House Contact: Debbie Sheppard (709) 292-2530 Monday to Friday.

After hours / weekends, please call (709) 572-1846

Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre Contact: (709) 235-0389 or (709) 486-6063

James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre Contact: (709) 235-0389 or (709) 486-6063

Dr. Hugh Twomey Health Centre Contact: Neysa Sheppard Decker 257-5229 or Therapeutic Recreation dept (709) 257-5247

Lakeside Homes Contact: Carrie Simpson (709) 256-9411 and or (709) 256-8850

Connaigre Peninsula Health Centre Contact: (709) 885-2401



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