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COVID-19 Testing in Gander

Central Health would like to advise that starting Thursday, June 10, COVID-19 testing will be available to Gander residents between the ages of 12 and 40. Testing is available for those with and without symptoms. Those who may have attended social gatherings recently or have frequent interactions with the public are encouraged to attend, especially if symptomatic.

Testing for this group will take place from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm at the Steele Community Centre, in Gander, and there will be no process for appointment booking. Do not present to the James Paton Memorial Regional Centre clinic for testing, as this location is by appointment only.

Individuals are asked to present to the Steele Community Centre clinic and remain in their vehicles until advised to move inside. Individuals are asked to remain patient, respectful and to expect some wait time depending on how many people show up at any given time.

Once clinic capacity is reached, further testing will not be done until information from test results and other aspects of the investigation are assessed. If further testing is required, the public will be made aware.

Everyone is reminded to follow public health measures including wearing masks, practicing good hand hygiene, staying home as much as possible, avoiding entering stores or establishments outside the community and avoid holding gatherings for the time being.


Media contact:

Gayle St. Croix

Director, Communications & Government Relations



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