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Statement from Central Health CEO

September 2, 2022

Central Health is aware of statements made in the media regarding concerns with the health authority’s radiology department and wishes to provide clarification on some of the points raised by Dr. Rendell in her recent media interviews.

In July 2019, two doctors, including Dr. Rendell, wrote to the CEO of Central Health raising specific concerns related to radiology at Central Health.

Their concerns did not include the use of 3-megapixel monitors rather than 5-megapixel monitors to review mammography images. We want to assure our patients, and the public, that Central Health engaged in a quality review of the patient safety concerns raised by the radiologists.

We invited both radiologists to discuss the findings of our quality review. Dr. Rendell refused to meet.

Central Health continued to work with the second radiologist to address their concerns. Through these discussions, the second radiologist was satisfied that the patient safety concerns raised had been or were being addressed.

As a result, Dr. Rendell does not have up to date information on the steps taken by Central Health to address the patient safety concerns raised. We invite Dr. Rendell to meet and discuss her concerns.

Quality of care and patient safety are our priorities, and Central Health is diligent in reviewing and acting on concerns that are brought to our attention.



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