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Statement from Andrée Robichaud, Central Health President & CEO

January 20, 2022

Central Health understands that we are all living in difficult times. It sympathizes with the residents, staff, and families of the Springdale Retirement Living facility.

The Springdale Retirement Living (SRL) facility is a personal care home which is a privately owned and operated business. While the Regional Health Authorities are responsible for the licensing and monitoring of personal care homes, they are not responsible for operational measures, such as staffing. As an independent business owner, the responsibility for staffing and contingency planning is that of the personal care home license holder.

Central Health, within its oversight and monitoring role has been working closely with the operator since January 7, 2022, when a resident was identified to be COVID 19 positive, to ensure the safety and well being of residents. Central Health immediately arranged a meeting with its Outbreak Team with a focus on early investigation and management. Supports provided to SRL included swabbing residents for COVID 19 by continuing care nurses, provision of personal protective equipment, contact tracing completed by public health, daily visits by continuing care nurses, and planning and management of the situation with infection prevention and control. The Regional Medical Officer of Health has also been consulted throughout the outbreak.

Central Health has had ongoing daily communication with the operator of SRL and had been following the situation closely. On January 13, 2022, Central Health assessed that the current situation at the home would necessitate the deployment of Central Health staff to boost the efforts of the home. Central Health arranged for members of its own staff, inclusive of housekeeping, food services and nursing, to attend as of January 14, 2022. The provision of Central Health staff to SRL continues.

Central Health wishes to acknowledge the tremendous work that is being done by so many people to provide support and care to individuals within its catchment area. From the tremendous efforts of the staff that stepped up to volunteer to the continuing support of the unions we work with, we are grateful for their ongoing cooperation.

In keeping with provincial public health measures and in line with its role as a regional health authority, Central Health will continue to support the provision of care to individuals within its region while respecting the responsibility of independent operators and business owners.



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