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Updates to visitor restrictions at all Central Health facilities

Central Health would like to provide an update on visitor guidelines that have been implemented at its Long-Term Care and Acute Care facilities throughout the Central Region. The guidelines listed below follow the direction provided by the Chief Medical Officer of Health in moving Central Newfoundland from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3 for Lewisporte to Summerford, and moving from Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 2 for Gambo to Badger. The rest of Central Newfoundland remains in Alert Level 2.

In Alert Level 2

  • For Obstetrics

    • The patient can have one support person and one doula attend the delivery.

    • The support person can be a rotational worker providing the rotational worker is Asymptomatic, wears appropriate PPE, maintains physical distancing, and follows all other policies in place.

    • The support person can continue to support the mother until discharge, and they can stay for the duration of the patient’s stay or come and go daily as required.

    • Four designated visitors are permitted after delivery to the time of discharge.

  • For Pediatric Patients

    • Children can have both parents/guardians visit at the same time and there are no restrictions on the number of visits per day.

    • Four individuals can be identified as designated visitors; they must contact the hospital unit before visiting to confirm the visiting time

  • For In-Patients

    • One support person/designated visitor can attend/visit with an in-patient as coordinated with the facility staff.

    • The in-patient/resident may identify up to six designated visitors, which includes their support person.

    • The support person/designated visitor(s) must contact the hospital unit before visiting to confirm the visiting time

    • Two designated visitors are permitted to visit one ICU/CCU patient at the same time.

  • For Out-Patients

    • All patients can be accompanied by one person, for emergency, outpatient and ambulatory care clinics, appointments or procedures. Patients who can safely manage their interaction for out-patient care without assistance/support should attend unaccompanied.

    • When the patient is 18 years of age and under, both parents may be present.

  • For Long-Term Care

    • Each resident can identify a support person and up to five designated visitors.

    • These six individuals should remain constant for the duration of the visiting restrictions.

    • A maximum of two people can visit per day, and two visitors can attend at the same time.

  • For Palliative

    • The clinical care team will discuss visiting protocols with the support person/designated visitors, and advise the number of visitors permitted, as determined by the clinical status of the patient/resident.

      • Consideration must be given to the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community, screening of visitors, and the ability to support multiple visitors when the patient/resident is not in a private room.

    • During the first stage of visiting, six designated visitors (one primary support person and five visitors) are permitted. When a patient has children 18 years of age and under, children who wish to visit will be in addition to the six designated visitors.

  • General Visiting is restricted

In Alert Level 3

  • Visitation

    • Regional Health Authorities have the discretion to implement additional restrictions to provincial guidance should the need arise due to the identification of COVID-19 outbreak sites and/or changes in COVID-19 prevalence within their service areas.

    • These restrictions may include such things as limiting the number of visitors permitted by patient/resident; enhanced use of personal protective equipment; or restricting visitation in specific units in the health facility.

    • Should you need to visit a healthcare facility within an Alert Level 3 area, please contact the facility to ensure you are aware of all visiting requirements.

For more details, the complete guidelines for support persons/designated visitors can be found here.

Anyone experiencing one or more symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to complete the online self-assessment and referral tool at or call the NL Health Line 811 to arrange testing.

Central Health understands these changes to visitation are difficult, but they are important to the safety of our patients, clients, residents, staff and physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank you for your understanding and collaboration during this unprecedented time.


Media contact:

Gayle St. Croix

Director, Communications



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