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Visitation Increases at Central Health Facilities

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Recognizing the importance of family presence, Central Health is pleased to announce an increase in visitation at its facilities beginning on July 13, 2020.

Guidelines remain in place to reduce risk of possible spread of COVID-19 to patients, residents and staff, including:

  • In long-term care, personal care homes, and community care homes each resident can identify up to six designated visitors. For assisted living, one support person and up to five designated visitors are permitted. A maximum of two people can visit per designated visitation times. The support person/designated visitor(s) must consult with the clinical care team or staff of the facility/home to coordinate when the support person/designated visitor(s) will be in attendance with the resident, as visitation times and frequency may vary at each facility/home.

  • In a hospital setting, patients may designate up to six support persons/visitors.

  • Expecting mothers can have one support person and one doula during the delivery. The support person can continue to support the mother for the duration of the time in hospital and there are no restrictions on the number of visits per day. Additionally, four designated visitors are permitted after delivery.

  • Children in hospital can have both parents visit at the same time and there are no restrictions on the number of visits per day. Additionally, there are four designated visitors permitted.

  • For outpatient appointments and Emergency Department visits, a support person may accompany individuals who require assistance due to health issues or the nature of the appointment.

  • The guidelines for palliative care vary for different stages and directions for visiting will be provided by the health care provider.

  • Central Health will contact the support person/designated visitor(s) to explain the procedure for visiting at our sites.

  • Families of personal care home residents should contact the home for information about visitation procedures as they may vary at each facility.

  • All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 and be provided a mask, which they must wear during their visit.

  • General visitation is not permitted at this time.

  • Complete guidelines are available here.

  • If there are concerns or questions about these guidelines, individuals may contact their health provider or Client Relations Office at 1-888-799-2272.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the Department of Health and Community Services website at: For updates pertaining to Central Health’s services, please visit Central Health’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Media Contact: Gayle St. Croix Director of Communications (709) 572-1165



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