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Strategic Issues 2020-2023

The following strategic issues are included in Central Health's Strategic Plan for 2020-23: 


Our People

Our people are a team of some 4,000 employees, physicians and volunteers across our region. Every day, they bring expertise and professionalism to acute care facilities, long-term care homes, and community services. Their experience as a member of the Central Health team is inextricably linked to the patient experience. Engaged, well-trained, and supported staff in a safe and healthy work environment is instrumental to the delivery of quality care. By making Our People a priority, Central Health will build upon its foundation of continuous improvement and quality care. 

Quality Patient Experience

According to Accreditation Canada (2016), “having a quality improvement plan can help organizations achieve better quality performance and this results in better care for clients, better client outcomes, a better work life for staff, and reduced costs.” Central Health’s Integrated Quality Improvement Framework was updated in 2018 and represents a continued organization-wide commitment to quality. A set of quality dimensions, established by Accreditation Canada, were also formally adopted by Central Health’s Board of Trustees, along with the meaning from a client’s perspective through our Person- and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) Advisor Program. The dimensions of Client-Centred Services and Continuity of Services – partner with me and my family in our care and coordinate my care across the continuum – will be targeted specifically in this strategic issue.

System Improvements

System improvements can directly impact quality and improve health outcomes. Through increased operational efficiencies, Central Health will deliver better outcomes and experiences for those who receive care and services, both in the present and moving forward. Through organizational stewardship, Central Health will strive to become more effective, efficient and sustainable. This is important given the fiscal reality and ensuring we align with the guiding principles in The Way Forward: A Vision for Sustainability and Growth in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Government of Newfoundland and strategic directions for 2020-23.

Improved Health

Healthier people and better living are key to Central Health’s vision of Healthy People and Healthy Communities. Central Health is committed to improving the health of the population and will engage individuals, build partnerships and utilize frameworks and strategies such as the Newfoundland and Labrador Primary Health Care Framework, Home First Framework, Community Support’s Case Management Framework, Central Health’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Strategy and the Provincial Action Plan on Mental Health and Addictions. Central Health will continue to develop meaningful relationships with First Nation communities, working in partnership to develop an Indigenous Health strategy that responds to key health issues, is culturally safe and supportive, and improves the health and quality experience of First Nation people.

Central Health's 2020-23 Strategic Plan is available electronically.


A 2020-23 Strategic Plan Quick Reference Guide is also available to provide a quick overview. 

To request a printed copy, please contact Corporate Office at 709.292.2138 or email: Corporate Office

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