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Pet Visitation Policy

Pet visitation supports client-centered care through pet therapy and personal pet visits which research has shown to benefit clients socially, psychologically, and physiologically. This policy lays out measures to ensure infection prevention and control protocols are in place to prevent the introduction or spread of infection to clients and employees from animals that enter Central Health facilities and provides guidance and education to employees, clients and visitors on the process for safe personal pet visitation and pet therapy.


To ensure the safety of clients, visitors and employees during personal pet visits and pet therapy please review the new Central Health Pet Visitation Policy. This policy applies to both personal pet visitation and the dog therapy through the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog. This policy does not apply to Service Animals, as defined by the Service Animal Act, at any Central Health site or facility. Personal pet visitation is limited to domesticated cats and dogs. Other animals may be considered on a case by case basis.


Central Health may support and facilitate personal pet visitation in acute and long-term care facilities in certain circumstances. The designated care team or manager must ensure the safety of all clients, employees, affiliated individuals, and visitors when personal pet visitation and pet therapy occurs at Central Health sites or facilities. For personal pet visitation, the owner/handler must complete the Central Health Pet Information Profile & Indemnity Form [Appendix A] prior to personal pet visitation. The pet owner/handler must be made aware of their responsibilities as a pet handler and provided with a copy of Pet Visitation – Information for Pet Handlers [Appendix B].

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