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Automated Notification Reminder System

What is an automated reminder notification system?

This is an electronic system that is used to provide telephone, e-mail or text reminders to patients of scheduled appointments.


Why is it being implemented at this time?

The number of ‘no shows’ or missed appointments are a concern. When a person misses an appointment or does not give cancellation notice, there is no time to offer that appointment to someone else. This can impact other people’s access for that service.


This system will provide a reminder several days before the scheduled appointment so that you can confirm you are able to attend. Letting us know you are unable to attend an appointment will allow for other patients to be booked.










Will the automated notification system be used for all appointments?

No, at this time the system is only being used for select appointments. However, we are collecting everyone’s preferred method of communication now, as we expect the system to be available for other service areas within the next couple of years.


How will it work?

During registration for an appointment, you will be asked how you would like to be contacted for appointment reminders and you can select one of the following options (only one can be selected):

  • Telephone 

  • E-mail

  • Text


This reminder will be sent seven (7) days before your appointment. Reminder calls will be made Monday to Friday between 5-9 pm. If your appointment was booked within a short notice, you will most likely not receive this reminder.


Through this system, you can confirm the scheduled appointment. If you choose to cancel or reschedule, please call the number listed on your appointment letter within two working days to make this change.



What information will be provided?

Telephone:  A telephone number from Central Health will appear on the telephone caller ID (if available).


E-mail: Reminders will appear from the following address: and will display the following:


This is an appointment reminder email from Central Health. This is to remind [NAME] of a scheduled appointment on [DATE] at [TIME] [SITE] [LOCATION]. If there are any questions regarding this appointment or [NAME] is unable to keep this appointment, please call the number listed on the appointment letter within 2 working days. Please remember to bring a non-expired MCP card.


Thank you and have a nice day.




Text: Text message reminders will originate from the following number – 416-578-5992 and will display the following:

Reminder for [NAME] Appt at Central Health [SITE] on [DATE] [TIME] Reply YES to Confirm NO to Cancel

Although this information is not provided in the text message, if you are unable to keep this appointment, please call the number listed on your appointment letter within two working days to make this change.


What if I choose telephone automated reminder calls and I am not at home when the reminder call is made?

The automated system will attempt to reach you 3 times. If you have voice mail, the system will leave a message.

If you are not at home, and someone else answers the phone, the system will ask if that person can take a message for you, if yes is indicated, the appointment reminder will be provided.



What happens if I make a mistake by pressing a wrong selection?

If you accidentally press a wrong selection, please call the number listed on your appointment letter.


How do I change my preferred method of communication for automated appointment reminders?

It is very important to keep your contact information up to date with Central Health. At time of registration for any appointment, you can make a change to your preferred method of appointment reminder notification. It is your responsibility to make these changes, for instance when your cell phone or email address changes.

Your privacy

Your privacy is important to Central Health. By providing your email or cell number for texting purposes you are agreeing to Central Health’s use of your personal information for appointment reminder purposes. If you do not wish to be contacted by phone, email or text, please see any registration desk to indicate that you do not want to be notified. This will apply to all patient reminders for all appointment types. Please remember to keep your contact information up to date at Central Health.



If you have questions about the system, please call (709) 673-8235.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Automated Notification System (ANS)

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