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Baie Verte, Green Bay, Buchans

Baie Verte 
Brent's Cove 
Buchans Junction
Coachman's Cove 
Fleur De Lys 
Harbour Round
Harry's Harbour
Jackson's Cove 
King's Point
Langdon's Cove 
La Scie 

Little Bay 
Little Bay Islands 
Long Island 
Lushes Bight 
Middle Arm 
Miles Cove
Ming's Bight
Nickeys Nose Cove 
Nipper's Harbour 
Pilley's Island 
Port Anson 
Purbeck's Cove
Rattling Brook 
Robert's Arm


Round Harbour 
Seal Cove

Shoe Cove

Smith's Harbour 
Snook's Arm

South Brook


St. Patrick's
Tilt Cove

Wild Cove 


A.M. Guy Memorial Health Centre

(709) 672-3304, Email:

Services Include: 


  • Acute care (2 beds)

  • Long term care (18 beds)

  • Holding (1 bed)

  • Palliative care (1 bed)

  • Outpatient and 24 hour emergency service 

  • 24 hour ambulance service 

  • Physician and nurse practitioner clinics (Monday to Friday) 

  • Laboratory and diagnostic imaging services 

  • Public health and continuing care services 

  • Recreation Therapy

  • Pastoral care 

  • Visiting social worker, dietitian and rehabilitative services 

  • Pre-admission clinic 

  • Chemotherapy 

PLEASE NOTE: A.M. Guy Memorial Health Centre is the only health care facility in this area and provides a wide range of services to the population of this area. For more information contact the number listed above or write to the following address: 

Manager of Client Care Services
A.M. Guy Memorial Health Centre 
P.O. Box 39, Buchans, NL A0H 1G0


Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre

(709) 532-4281 Email:


Services Include: 


  • 26 beds in total -  18 long term care, 1 respite, 6 acute care and 1 palliative care bed

  • Emergency Care 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

  • Physician/ Nurse Practitioner Clinics

  • Physiotherapy Aid

  • Recreation Therapy

  • Ambulance Services

  • Dietetic Services

  • Diabetes Clinic – held 3 full days a month by Dietitian and Nurse Practitioner.

  • Influenza Vaccination for all Long Term Care residents and staff

  • Social Work Services

  • Diagnostic Services (Lab, X-Ray) – Pictures Arching & Communication System (PACS) in the X-Ray Department

  • Telehealth Technology

Community Health Services include:

  • Two full time & one part time Continuing Care Nurse Coordinators

  • Two Community Supports Social Worker 

  • Three Public Health Nurses

  • One Child Management Specialist

  • Mental Health & Addictions Social Worker

  • Youth Outreach Worker – shared between Green Bay and the Baie Verte Peninsula


For more information, contact the number above or write to the following address:


Manager of Client Care Services
Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre
7 Hospital Drive, P.O. Box 190
Baie Verte, NL, A0K 1B0


Green Bay Health Centre

(709) 673-3911 Email:

Green Bay Health Centre (GBHC) located at 140A Little Bay Road. This building opened in May 202. GBHC has 9 inpatient beds (2 convalescent, 1 palliative, 5 holding, and 1 assessment bed).


Services provided include clinical dietitian services, emergency and outpatient services, laboratory and x-ray services, physiotherapy services, health records, stock room, visiting specialist, diabetic education services, telehealth, social worker services, pastoral care and 24 hours nursing with on call lab and x-ray (after regular working hours), a hospital based ambulance service and a medical clinic  with 5 physicians. Senior and Blue Space Parking is available.

Community Health Services include Mental Health and Addictions, Population and Public Health, Behaviour/Child Management, and an Early Youth Outreach Worker

Manager of Client Care Services

Green Bay Health Centre

140A Little Bay Road

Springdale NL


La Scie Community Health Centre

(709) 675-2429 Email:

Services Include:

 La Scie Medical Clinic offers services as a satellite clinic.

Robert’s Arm Community Health Centre

(709) 652-3410 Email:

Services Include:

The Robert’s Arm Community Health Centre, located approximately 40 kms from the Trans-Canada highway, occupies Continuing Care Nurse Coordinator, Public Health Nurse and visiting doctor every Wednesday.


Valley Vista Senior Citizen’s Home

(709) 673-3936 Email:

Services Include:

Valley Vista Senior Citizens Home in Springdale was built in 1976 that now host 78 beds (level 111 & IV). This facility accommodates a higher level of care including assisted toileting, bathing, feeding, medications, etc, and who are often only ambulatory with aids or confined to Geri Chairs. This site also houses Client Care Managers, Manager of Support Services, Staffing Coordinator, Clinical Educator, Client Care Facilitator, Nurse Practitioner, Recreation Therapy Department), Social Worker, Physio Aide/Occupational Therapy Aide Office, nursing staff and support services staff.

For more information, please contact the Primary Healthcare Facilitator in your area at (709) 673-4309 or by email at


To reach a Community Development Nurse in each area:

  • Baie Verte - (709) 532-5371

  • Green Bay - (709) 673-4952

  • Buchans - (709) 672-3343

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