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Central Intake
Outpatient Physiotherapy Services


Questions & Answers About Outpatient Physiotherapy Services at Central Health


What changes are taking place and why?

A Central Intake booking system has been established for all Central Health sites which offer non-urgent outpatient physiotherapy services. This new process will benefit clients by:

  • Decreasing wait times

  • Providing clients with better access to services

  • Ensuring services are more readily available when you need it

All referrals will be forwarded to Central Intake for processing.

How will I book an appointment?

You may self-refer to book for physiotherapy or be referred by a medical provider (physician, occupational therapist, etc).

To book an appointment call the toll free assessment clinic line on Thursdays between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm.  You may be placed on hold for a maximum of 15 minutes while the clerk assists other callers. The booking clerk will inform you of the next available appointment times. If those times are not convenient for you, you may leave your name and contact number and the booking clerk will call you when there are openings. The toll free line is: 1(844) 865-6281.

You only need to call the line once, on Thursdays between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm. You may speak to the booking clerk and be able to book an appointment that day or you will have the option to leave your name and number and wait to  be called when an appointment becomes available. If there is no appointment close to your residence, you will have the option to travel to another site for faster service.

Can someone else call for me?

If you are unavailable to call during the times provided and you wish to have another person arrange the appointment for you simply give them your letter and referral so they may call on your behalf.

Why is someone else seen before me? 


All referrals received at Central Health are categorized urgent (fractures, surgery) or routine. If your referral is categorized as routine you are contacted by letter and asked to call the toll free line 1 (844) 865-6281. Appointments are given to clients on a first-call basis.

How many assessment appointments are available each week?

The number of outpatient assessment appointments will vary depending on the number of referrals received for urgent clients and the number of inpatients who require physiotherapy. 

How long will I have to wait to get an appointment?

That would depend on the number of openings available for routine clients and whether or not you might be willing to travel for services.

On average the wait time was less than eight weeks from the time patients receive their notification and call to book.

Why can I only book one week in advance?

Each week the booking clerk reviews the schedules for each facility and determines the number of appointments available for routine assessments.

I am placed on hold and I'm frustrated with waiting.

We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure you receive the best service in the quickest timeframe possible. Be assured all routine clients are given equal opportunity to book an assessment appointment.

Patients are placed on hold in the order they call in. If you are placed on hold, your call will be answered within 15 minutes or you will be able to leave a message after 15 minutes of waiting.

Will I have trouble booking a follow up appointment?

No, after your initial assessment your physiotherapist will work with you to determine your goals and a treatment plan. Non-urgent patients will be offered six (6) sessions of therapy. How the appointments are scheduled will depend on the treatment goals that you and your therapist decide together.

Interactive Physiotherapy Outpatient Services Referral Form 

Physiotherapy Outpatient Services Referral Form (print a copy)

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