COVID Vaccination Program Bookings for Central Health - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pre-register to receive a COVID-19 vaccine appointment? 


Individuals can pre-register by visiting or by calling 1-833-961-3749 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week. 


When will I hear back with an appointment time after pre-registration? 


The process for registration for appointments is ongoing and will continue to take place over the next several weeks. If you or those registering for you provided an email address upon registration you will receive an email with directions for how to go online and book your appointment. If you have not received an email, please check to make sure that it hasn’t arrived in your “Junk Mail” Folder.

 If no email address was provided, you will be called and an appointment will be booked at the time of the call. Please continue to keep an eye out for public service announcements that indicate when your eligibility group is open for appointments.

Why is it taking so long to hear back?

There are many people pre-registered. It may take several weeks before you receive notification. We are working systematically through the lists of those registered and started with the 85 plus group. We started bookings for 80 plus on March 19, 2021 and will continue to move to over 75 and over 70 in the coming weeks.

As we work through the age groups and through other groups, we will be cross referencing the lists of those registered against those booked/completed to make sure that no one is missed.

It says in the email I received that I have been pre-approved for (an indicated date). Does that mean that I am already booked in?  

No, it does not mean that you are booked in for that date. It merely indicates the next date available and we are encouraging you to book for that date, if possible, to ensure that all available spots are used up.

Am I allowed to book in for a date other than the pre-approved date?

Yes, absolutely.

I have received an email but can’t book on-line. Who can I call?

Please call 1-833-961-3749 and someone will be happy to assist you with your booking.


How do I know if my appointment is confirmed?  


If you booked your appointment online, you will receive an email confirming your appointment. If you have not received an email, please check to make sure that the email has not arrived in your “Junk Mail” folder.  If you are contacted by phone to book an appointment, the booking clerk will confirm your appointment date, time and location with you at the time of the call.  


I have not received confirmation of my appointment online. How do I know my schedule is confirmed?


Call 1-833-961-3749



I pre-registered by phone and am waiting to receive a phone call to schedule my appointment. How will the phone number be displayed?  


Please note that a call from Central Health may appear as “Unknown Caller” in some call displays as well as from “Central Health.”   


Will I know what vaccine I will receive before my appointment? 


No. Vaccine shipments will be aligned with clinic schedules.  


I am a First Responder and have just received notification that I can book into one of the First Responder clinics. However, I am over 65 and the communication is for 64 and under? What can I do?

You are encouraged to book into a clinic for the 60-69 age group when these clinics become available.

What do I do if I am unable to leave my home to attend a COVID-19 vaccination clinic?


When individuals are contacted to book an appointment, Central Health is identifying individuals who require a home visit to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. If you have received an email directing you to book on-line but this situation applies to you, please call 1-833-961-3749 so that your name can be forwarded and placed on the appropriate list for follow-up by our immunizing team. There will be outreach visits scheduled for homebound clients and for others as needed.


I/ My family member lives in a LTC (PCH, CCH, other congregate living) facility and missed vaccination when the nurses came by to vaccinate the other residents. What can I do?

All clients who reside in a congregate living facility and missed the first vaccination by visiting nurses, will receive a return visit for catch-ups. The resident staff will keep track of all those waiting for an appointment including those who were admitted since the last vaccination visit, and the immunizing team will return to catch everyone up. An alternative for PCH residents who are currently eligible and able to avail of a public/mass clinic is to book an appointment for one in their area.

I/My family member has been notified that there is an opening in LTC (PCH, CHH etc.) for me/them but (we) are currently isolating and cannot get to a clinic. What do I/we do?

Upon admission, you will be added to the list of residents waiting to be vaccinated and your name will be submitted as per above, for the next immunizing team visit for vaccination.


When will I receive my second appointment for the second dose of vaccine?  

Appointments for the second dose are generally within 16 weeks of the first dose. An appt will be provided to your when you receive your first dose.


Where can I get vaccinated?

Clinics are located throughout the Central Health region at the following locations:

  • Baie Verte

  • Glovertown

  • Buchans

  • Harbour Breton

  • Gander

  • St. Alban’s

  • Change Islands

  • Grand Falls-Windsor

  • Lewisporte

  • Botwood

  • Springdale

  • New-Wes-Valley

  • Twillingate

  • Fogo

  • St. Brendan’s


I don’t see a clinic in my area when I try to book. What do I do?


If sites are full, they may not show as available. Please check back in a few days and/or consider booking into the next available and accessible site. There will be sites added as registration proceeds and as geography and other access groups requires.

Am I allowed to book into a clinic that is not in my area?


I am travelling out of the province and would like to receive my vaccination before I go. Is this possible? OR….. I am travelling out of the province and would like to receive my second dose early. Is this possible?

Individuals will receive initial dose of vaccine when it is applicable to them based on priority grouping. Second doses will be scheduled in accordance with National and Provincial guidelines and will not be provided early for travel reasons.


I pre-registered before my friend who already received an appointment, how come I didn’t get one first?

If you provided an email when you pre-registered, you will be contacted by email to schedule your appointment online. If you only provided a phone number, you will be contacted by phone and a clerk will book your appointment. There may be slight delay between these two processes.


Thank-you for planning to receive your COVID Vaccination!



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