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Doorways is a walk-in counselling service providing rapid access to mental health and addictions counselling services ‘one session at a time’:

  • Available to children, youth and adults without an appointment or referral

  • It is primarily a walk-in service, but some locations provide same-day, next-day, or appointment-by-phone.

  • If further counselling is required, staff will work with you to provide access to additional services and supports.

  • Doorways provides information and support focused on your need.

  • Some examples of what you may want to discuss are: family, health, grief, work, relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, drinking or drug use.


Doorways is not an emergency service. In an emergency, call 9-1-1 or the Mental Health Crisis Line at 8-1-1, or proceed to the nearest emergency room department.

To find Doorways in your area:

Call 8-1-1 and a Healthline nurse will provide you with a location near you


Visit the Service Directory at


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