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Home & Community Care Nursing

What we do:

Home and Community Nurses provide care such as: 

  • Nursing care like: wound care, injections, urinary catheter care and vascular access device care.

  • Blood work for clients who cannot leave their home.

  • IV antibiotic administration (not available in all areas).

  • Palliative and end of life care.

  • Work with social workers to complete assessments for personal care homes, long term care and home supports.

  • Assessment for eligibility for medical supplies and equipment.

  • Assess and refer to other team members like: social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and dietician.


Home and Community Nursing Goals:

  • To support clients and their families  who need help to deal with an illness, ongoing disease and aging.

  • To facilitate early discharge or prevent admission to a hospital.

  • To promote and support clients to become independent in meeting their needs.

  • To help clients to live and die comfortably at home.

Where will appointments/services take place?

  • Home and Community Nursing services are provided to an individual based on their specific needs.

  • When a referral is received the nurse will do a clinical assessment to determine what kind of visit is required.

  • Most clients will be given a clinic appointment. Walk ins are not encouraged.

  • Home visits are only provided to clients who meet the needs identified in the nursing assessment.

  • A home visit risk assessment will be conducted on all clients requiring a home visit. If the nurse determines that it is unsafe to do a home visit, a plan for alternate service will be made.

What are your responsibilities?

  • Central Health is committed to providing a safe working environment for all clients and nursing staff.

  • Sites operated by Central Health are smoke free. Clients must refrain from smoking for at least one hour prior to a home visit and while staff are visiting.

  • Animals must be controlled and in a room that staff are not required to enter or in a secured location prior to arrival.

  • Firearms should be placed in a secured location.

  • Staff are required to wear footwear during their visit for their protection as well as yours.

  • Walkways and stairs should be cleared of snow and ice during winter.


More information is available by contacting your local nursing office. Phone numbers are listed in the booklet below.

Home and Community Nursing: Information for Clients

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