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Paramedicine & Medical Transport

Within Central Health there is a combination of private, community and hospital based ambulance services providing emergency pre-hospital care 24/7 to clients, patients and communities. The region extends from Charlottetown in the east, Fogo Island in the northeast, Harbour Breton in the south to Baie Verte in the west.


The Paramedicine and Medical Transport (PM&MT) Program is comprised of approximately 120 frontline staff with levels of training ranging from Emergency Medical Responders to Primary Care Paramedics to Advanced Care Paramedics. These staff practice in the pre-hospital environment, as well as within the emergency departments throughout the region. Staff are required to adhere to the legislation, policies and standards as developed by the Provincial Medical Oversight, the Department of Health and Community Services and Central Health.

For additional information on the PM&MT Program please contact the Regional Program Manager - Paramedicine and Medical Transport & Health Emergency Management at 292-0115 or follow this link to email: Regional Program Manager.

Contact Information:

If pre-hospital care is needed, Paramedics along with the Emergency Medical Responders will respond to the call in areas listed below.

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