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Central Health increasing cafeteria prices to offset inflation

October 26, 2021

Central Health wishes to advise the public that there will be a slight increase in cafeteria prices at retail locations.

Effective December 6th, 2021 regional cafeteria prices will increase by 6 per cent to better align with inflation in food costs. This will mark the first cafeteria pricing increase in six years. From 2015 to 2021, food costs increased by approximately 15 per cent and are expected to keep rising.

It is important to note that cafeteria prices at Central Health will remain about 25 per cent lower than current market prices.

To better understand the new pricing structure, please see the below chart for commonly purchased items:

Item Old Price (tax inc.) New Price (tax inc.)

Medium Coffee $1.60 $1.70

Tea $1.50 $1.60

Muffin $1.40 $1.50

Tea Bun $1.25 $1.35

Soup $3.05 $3.25

Sandwich $3.00 $3.20

Wrap $5.00 $5.30

Central Health would like to thank patrons for their continued support and understanding as we transition to the new pricing.


Media contact:

Gayle St. Croix

Director, Communications and Government Relations



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