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Public Statement: Physicians at Fogo Island Health Centre

In hopes of preventing the spread of incorrect information, Central Health feels compelled to publicly address community-based concerns, social media posts, and media coverage about physicians’ plans to leave Fogo Island Health Centre due to office overhead fees.

While Central Health cannot comment on the employment status of any employee or physician, it can confirm that no physician resignations have been received from that facility. There are no plans to decrease the number of physician positions at the Fogo Island Health Centre, and no plans to change or decrease services at that facility. Physician retention remains a priority for Central Health.

Central Health does charge Fee For Service physicians $2400. per month if they have offices in Regional Health Authority managed properties. This provincial change took effect on July 1, 2016. Central Health phased in the office space fees, respecting individual physician contractual agreements that were in place and recognizing the need to be competitive in hard-to-recruit areas. All physicians were provided a considerable notice period (at least one year) to prepare.

Due to privacy, Central Health cannot publicly discuss individual contracts or employment terms. The RHA can confirm that conversations with physicians who have concerns with the overhead fees are ongoing, but it would be inappropriate to publicly discuss individual employee/physician/contractor issues.

Central Health appreciates and respects community concerns, and hopes this information helps to correct misinformation and alleviate anxiety public commentary may have raised.



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