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Residents of St. Alban’s - Locations for COVID-19 Testing in the Central region

January 7, 2022

As COVID-19 vaccinations and testing continues across the region, Central Health is working diligently to set up clinics to ensure the public health and healthcare needs of the region are met.

The decision of whether to set up a Covid-19 testing site is made based on several factors, including local epidemiology, in collaboration with Public Health leadership and the Central Health Medical Officer of Health. Throughout the pandemic, the goals of testing have evolved, with a primary focus now on preventing severe illness in people who are more vulnerable. While clinics cannot be set up in every community, the clinics are set up in areas where the epidemiology suggests that the need is greatest. For example, recent clinic locations in Harbour Breton, Twillingate, Gander and Buchans have been determined based on assessed epidemiological need. This could change daily as needs evolve.

Central Health understands that all communities would like testing opportunities in their area, but the current priorities of our healthcare resources presents a limiting factor. There are times when residents will need to travel to attend a testing location.

Central Health thanks you for your patience and understanding.


Gayle St. Croix

Director of Communications and Government Relations



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