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Statement from Central Health President and CEO

Statement from Andree Robichaud, President and CEO Central Health

Since joining Central Health as CEO in November 2018, the mandate of the Board and Leadership team is to lead the organization in creating a culture of compassion, accountability, and respect, and ensuring that we are providing quality care and services. This transformation was reinforced from our review of the recommendations of Dr. Peter Vaughan in the External Review of Central Health from May 2018. Change isn’t easy, and it takes time, but we are working hard to build safe and respectful workplaces. And as an organization, we take all matters of fairness and claims of discrimination seriously.

For the last several years, Central Health’s goal has been to work with Dr. Kennedy to facilitate her return to work and ensure Dr. Kennedy feels comfortable and well-supported to do her job. Central Health has worked to accommodate Dr. Kennedy, offered mediation, and explored other avenues to try to bring Dr. Kennedy back to work, but a resolution has not been reached.

We have repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to work with Dr. Kennedy to facilitate a return to work where she would be supported, and structures would be in place to accommodate Dr. Kennedy’s concerns, including direct access to senior management should any issue arise.

Through the transformation of Central Health, we are working to ensure our workplaces reflect our values and commitment to the delivery of high-quality health and community services. To date, Central Health has actioned all 36 of the recommendations stemming from the Central Regional Integrated Health Authority External Review and, we are committed to continually reviewing and improving our processes and ensuring our culture is a positive one.

Andree Robichaud, President and CEO

Media contact

Gayle St. Croix

Director of Communications (Interim)

Cell: (709) 572-1165



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