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Special Child Welfare Allowance Program (SCWA)

The SCWA program is available to families, assessed to be financially eligible, with a child who has a diagnosed developmental or physical disability. The program is designed to assist with additional expenses incurred by families directly due to the child's disability. Some examples of services provided include: medical transportation expenses, medical equipment, medical supplies, respite services and drug cards. 

Two Social Workers, both located in Lewsiporte provide support to families of children with disabilities and is available from birth to age 18. 

Applications to this program must first be submitted to a financial assessor who will determine if the family is eligible to receive services. Once the financial assessment is completed, the SCWA Social Worker will complete a social work assessment to determine what services are required. The services provided are based on the child's disability and will be different for every family. A part of the assessment includes a home visit.

SCWA Social Workers work as part of a larger disciplinary team within Central Health, including Child Management Specialists, Developmental Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Public Health Nurses, Behaviour Management Specialist; and other disciplines within the Department of Education and Child, Youth, and Family Services. 

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