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Speech Language Pathology

Central Health’s Speech-Language Pathology department provides assessment, treatment, and consultation for speech, language, and swallowing/feeding disorders in both the pediatric and adult populations. The department works in the acute care, long term care, and outpatient settings within Central Health.

Speech disorders can include how sounds are pronounced, stuttering (fluency) and voice disorders. Language disorders include a person’s ability to understand and express themselves at any age or level of development. Swallowing and feeding disorders can be assessed and managed with your healthcare team to ensure proper growth and to prevent possible health complications from dysphagia (difficulties with swallowing).

To be eligible for our services, you must live within Central Health’s catchment area, found here. School aged children are followed by the speech and language department with the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District and are not eligible for our services. All preschool aged children and adults who have concerns are eligible for an assessment.

Central Health's Speech-Language Pathology department offers Pediatric and Adults Services.

Referrals are accepted from any member of the healthcare team, family, or the individual. The information on this page can help to determine if a referral to the speech and language department would be recommended. If you would like to make a referral click on the link below or call: (709) 256-5458 for our Gander clinic or (709) 292-2169 for our Grand Falls-Windsor clinic.

Speech-Language Pathology Outpatient Referral Form

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