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Client, Patient & Resident Safety

Central Health is committed to client, patient & resident safety! All employees at Central Health are responsible for contributing to and improving the safety of our clients/patients/residents. Openly discussing safety issues, identifying solutions, implementing change and promoting partnerships has been the foundation to improving client/patient/resident safety at Central Health. To promote safety, many evidence based safety tools and initiatives have been developed and implemented, including a Falls Prevention Program, Safe Surgery Checklist, Medication Safety, Patient Safety Public Forums, Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism (blood clots), just to name a few.  

Patient safety is so important at Central Health that there are several positions dedicated to patient safety including a Patient Safety Officer, Safer Healthcare Now Coordinator, Patient Safety Data Analyst, and a Physician Champion for Patient Safety.

Central Health recognizes that safe and quality client/patient/resident care will be best achieved when our clients/patients/residents partner with us. People must be involved in their healthcare decisions and be informed about the care they are receiving. Safety pamphlets are available to all clients, patients and residents at Central Health. We encourage you to use this resource and ask your healthcare provider any questions regarding the care you receive.

If you are concerned about a safety issue or notice an unsafe practice please talk with your health care provider.

Resources on Client, Patient & Resident Safety

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