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Statement from Central Health President & CEO, Andrée Robichaud

December 21, 2022

Central Health regrets to inform the public that on December 14th we were notified by the College of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (CRNNL) that an individual working for a healthcare staffing agency had been impersonating a Registered Nurse. This individual had worked some shifts as a contract worker with Central Health without a valid nursing license.

The individual in question is named Lisa Driscoll. While once trained as a practical nurse, she does not hold a license as either an LPN or an RN in the province. She had used the license number of an existing registered nurse who had a similar name.

Central Health works closely with several staffing agencies to provide extra nursing support where required. The agencies are responsible for vetting and verifying the credentials of the applicants. In this instance, the license was verified in error by Solutions Staffing Inc.

Once notified, Central Health contacted Solutions Staffing Inc., the staffing agency responsible for hiring this travel nurse and the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (CLPNNL) and the other Regional Health Authorities. The RCMP was also contacted and advised of the situation.

Ms. Driscoll worked a total of 25 shifts at Lakeside Homes between August 19th and November 7th, 2022. Central Health has conducted a thorough review of all resident care and relevant documentation from that period and confirmed that there are no reported negative impacts to the care of the residents or reported harm at this facility. However, during her 25 shifts, two concerns with her performance unrelated to resident care had been raised and addressed.

In the coming days, we will be reaching out directly to the residents and families of those under her care at the time at Lakeside Homes to provide assurance that no reported harm occurred.

Please note, Central Health immediately put in place safeguards to ensure this does not reoccur.

We understand the seriousness of this situation, and Central Health apologizes for any concerns and anxiety this may cause residents and their families.

Again, we wish to emphasize that this is an isolated event and there were no negative impacts on residents in care.


Gayle St. Croix

Director of Communications and Government Relations

Central Health

cell: (709) 572 1165



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