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Environmental Health

The goal of this program is to reduce the risk of environmental health hazards to the community. Field services for this program are provided by the Government Services Center and include:

  • Food - routine surveillance and follow-up of complaints regarding all types of food establishments.

  • Water - routine monitoring of public water supplies. 

  • Public Buildings - routine surveillance of a wide variety of public buildings and institutions where the public gather (e.g., schools, hospitals, jails, recreation facilities). 

  • Un-serviced Building Lots - ensures plans and specifications for buildings not serviced with municipal water and sewer, submitted by approved sewage disposal designers are in conformance with the Department of Health & Community Services and its regulations. 

  • Public Health Complaints - investigation of complaints of a wide variety of possible health hazards (e.g., housing, sewage, indoor air quality, food and water problems).  

  • Enforcement of Regulations - a variety of health regulations enforced including the Smoke-Free Environment Regulations.


For more information about these services contact the Government Services Center at Gander (256-1420); Lewisporte (535-0262); Grand Falls-Windsor (292-4206); and Springdale (673-4218).

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