Grand Falls-Windsor Area

Communities Served:

Carmelite House

(709) 292-2528 | 292-2520 | 292-2521 | 292-2522 Email:

Carmelite House consists of 65 beds in total. 64 LTC beds and one palliative care bed. There is also a transitional unit inside the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre which operates under Carmelite House, and has 15 beds for residents waiting for a LTC placement.

Central Health Regional Office

Central Health's Corporate office is located at 21 Carmelite Road, Grand Falls-Windsor. Services include:

  • Financial Services | 292-2168

  • Facilities Management and Engineering | 292-3014

  • Human Resources | 292-2460

  • Quality Improvement | 292-2146



Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre

(709) 292-2500 Email:

Services Include: 


Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre (CNRHC) is one of two acute care referral centres in the central region.  It has about 130 acute care beds, 15 transitional LTC beds and offers a number of speciality services including anesthesia, general internal medicine, general surgery, neurology, obstetrics/gynecology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, pathology, psychiatry, urology, radiology, otolaryngology, and dermatology. There are between 45 to 55 full-time physicians, general practice, and specialists providing services in the Grand Falls-Windsor Area. In addition to 24 hour on-site emergency physician coverage, this centre provides advanced diagnostic imaging, laboratory, and other investigative services.

For more information contact the number above or email the office of the Director of Site Operations.

Grand Falls-Windsor Community Health Centre - Queensway

(709) 489-8150 - Population and Public Health (709) 489-8841 - Mental Health and Addictions Email:

The Community Health Building is located at 36 Queensway. This facility offers and coordinates the following community based services;

  • Public Health Nursing (school, child and adult health and community development nursing) | 489-8015

  • Continuing Care Nursing Services | 489-8161

  • Community Supports Social Work | 489-8161

  • Behavioral Management

  • Mental Health and Addiction Services | 489-8841

  • Doorways : Single Session Walk-in Counselling Service | 489-8841

  • Medical Communications Centre

  • Janeway Outreach | 489-8183

Therapeutic Residence

(709) 489-6651 Email:

Services Include: 


The Therapeutic Residence program is a voluntary program designed for adults presenting with complex needs due to mental health and addictions issues. It is designed as a transitional placement and the duration of stay is determined by the individual and his or her care team. The average length of stay can be three to six months. Referrals to the Therapeutic. For more information on this program contact the Senior Behaviour Management Specialist at (709) 489-4682 or (709) 489-6651.

Hope Valley Centre

(709) 292-8360 Email:

Services Include: 


The Provincial Youth Treatment Centre provides service to youth ages 12 to18 from all areas of Newfoundland and Labrador with youth residing at the centre for 3 to 6 months. The centre provides: ~ a safe place for youth to address issues related to substance use/abuse ~ the province’s only detox facility dedicated specifically to youth ~ accommodation space for visiting family ~ family counselling and opportunities for family to take part in the treatment program with youth.

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For community updates in each of these areas, please visit their Primary Health Care Facebook pages at: 

For more information, please contact the Primary Healthcare Facilitator in your area at (709) 257-4905 or by email at


To reach a Community Development Nurse in each area:

  • Botwood - (709) 257-4900

  • Grand Falls- Windsor - (709) 489-8161