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Dietitians and nutritionists at Central Zone

Regional nutritionists are registered dietitians who provide education/services to community groups, individuals, Central zone staff, educators, and other health-care professionals or organizations.


Regional nutritionists work within population health to contribute nutrition expertise and consultative services to the Health Promotion and Wellness team. Regional nutritionists act as coordinators/resource people for nutrition programs, services, and resources throughout the life cycle. 


The regional nutritionists also serve on internal and external committees to plan nutrition promotions, develop nutrition policies, develop resources, and plan, implement and evaluate nutrition research projects.
The work is divided between two regional nutritionists who cover different stages of the life cycle: 

  • Preconception to preschool age

  • School age to seniors

To obtain information on nutrition issues, contact the regional nutritionists at 651-6222 or 651-6335.



Central NL Regional Health Centre                                                         
James Paton Memorial Health Centre                                                     
AM Guy Memorial Health Centre                                                              
Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre                                                     
Bay d’Espoir Clinic                                                                                 
Dr. Y.K. Jeon Kittwake Health Centre                                                     
Connaigre Peninsula Health Centre                                                       
Dr. Hugh Twomey Health Centre                                                           
Fogo Island Health Centre                                                                    
Green Bay Health Centre                                                                       
Lewisporte Community Health Centre                                                     
Notre Dame Memorial Health Centre                                                       


Provincial Dietitian Listing for Outpatient Referrals 

Healthy Eating

We recognize healthy eating looks different for everyone. Each person has their own culture and traditions, preferences and nutritional needs. Learning how to adjust recipes to meet your needs can help you eat in a way that works for you! Check out this link to learn how to adjust recipes based on your dietary needs:

Starting your day off right with breakfast may help improve focus and productivity during the workday. Not a morning person? Try preparing breakfast in the evening. This can help save time the next morning and start your day off great!

After a busy workday, sharing a meal with your family may be one way to help relieve stress, but finding the time to do so can be a challenge. Check out the link below to learn simple tips to make the most of mealtimes with your family:

Lunch at Home

Telephone: (709) 489-4254

Telephone: (709) 489-4254

Telephone: (709) 672-3304

Telephone: (709) 532-5229 

Telephone: (709) 538-3244

Telephone: (709) 536-1161

Telephone: (709) 885-2359

Telephone: (709) 257-5206 

Telephone: (709) 844-4264 

Telephone: (709) 673-5321

Telephone: (709) 535-8372

Telephone: (709) 884-4264

Fax: (709) 489-7390

Fax: (709) 489-7390

Fax: (709) 672-3730

Fax: (709) 532-4632

Fax: (709) 538-3228

Fax: (709) 536-3189

Fax: (709) 885-2358

Fax: (709) 257-4687

Fax: (709) 844-5437

Fax: (709) 673-4685

Fax: (709) 535-2407

Fax: (709) 884-5437

Canada's Food Guide

Eat a variety of health foods each day.

Food Guide Tips

Adjusting recipes to meet your needs. 

Improving your
eating habits

Identify barriers and
set goals

Affordable Healthy Eating

Eat Well and Save Money

Veggies and Fruit Campaign

Fresh, Frozen and Canned

Recipe E-Book


Nutrition Month 2021

Facts on Fluids

How to Stay Hydrated

Tips for eating out
with kids

With you everywhere

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