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Laboratory Services

The provision of laboratory services to the clients of Central Health must meet or exceed accepted laboratory practices and be provided in an effective and financially responsible manner. We ensure that all policies and procedures are relevant and follow nationally accepted laboratory practices.

A full range of laboratory services are provided at the two regional referral centres, James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre and the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre.

In addition to these services, there are ten (10) smaller laboratories located throughout the region providing blood collection services, emergency testing and limited routine testing at the following locations:

Dr. Y. K. Jeon Kittiwake Health Centre , Brookfield
• Fogo Island Health Centre
• Connaigre Peninsula Health Centre
• Bay d'Espoir Medical Clinic
• Lewisporte Lab & X-ray Clinic
• Dr. Hugh Twomey Health Centre
• Green Bay Health Centre
• A. M. Guy Memorial Health Centre
• Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre

Outpatient Laboratory Appointments


To ensure urgent and emergent laboratory testing continues, while supporting physical distancing measures, Central Health is implementing an appointment-based outpatient blood collection service, effective Thursday, March 26th.


Clients requiring blood work for chemotherapy, transplant and INR monitoring can call the relevant number listed below for an appointment. Please have available: name, MCP, telephone number, and physician name. Clients will be screened for COVID-19.

Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 11:30am and 1:00pm – 3:00 pm.


A.M. Guy Memorial Health Centre, Buchans...672-3304                                                                

Bay d'Espoir Community Health Centre, St. Alban's.. 538-3244                                                 

Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre, Baie Verte...532-5248                                         

Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre, GFW.. 292-2117

Connaigre Peninsula Health Centre, Harbour Breton.. 885-3216                                

Dr. Hugh Twomey Memorial Health Centre, Botwood..257-2999                               

Dr. YK Jeon Kittiwake Health Centre, Brookfield...536-1191                                    

Fogo Island Health Centre, Fogo Island...266-2221                                                   

Green Bay Health Centre, Springdale..673-5315                                                    

James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre, Gander...256-5500                           

Lewisporte Health Centre, Lewisporte..535-6654                                                      

Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre, Twillingate...571-2139                            

All other appointments for urgent/emergent outpatient blood work will be arranged through the ordering physicians’/nurse practitioners’ office.

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