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Mental Health & Addictions Triage

Mental Health and Addictions Services toll-free triage line for community-based services

(Available 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday)


Please be advised this is not a crisis line. If this is an emergency please call your local emergency services or 911.

The 24 hour Mental Health Crisis line is 811


What is Mental Health and Addictions triage? 

Mental Health and Addictions triage is a process to provide quick assessment and timely access to an appropriate mental health and addictions health professional.  Central Health's health professionals have backgrounds in social work, occupational therapy, nursing and psychology. Using this toll free triage line, persons needing mental health and addictions services can call to refer themselves. Health care providers or other referral sources may continue to refer clients through mail, fax or phone.


Important points for health care providers/other referral sources:



  • Ensure MCP, date of birth, client name, phone number, and mailing address are included in referral

  • For youth under the age of 16, parent or guardian information must be included

  • Incomplete information may create a delay in our ability to provide timely access for our clients

  • If clients do not have access to a phone, please call the toll-free number and an alternative plan will be discussed.


Mental Health and Addictions Referral Form

Follow the link above to access and complete the referral form for mental health and addictions services.  Once completed, referrals must be printed and sent to: MENTAL HEALTH & ADDICTIONS SERVICES, James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre, 125 Trans Canada Highway, Gander, NL A1V 1P7 or Fax: (709) 256-5667. Data cannot be saved on the electronic form therefore it must be printed. Remember to print a copy to keep for your file if needed.


Telephone Triage

  • Upon receipt of the referral, attempts are made to contact the client by phone within two business days. If the client cannot be reached by telephone, they will be sent a triage appointment letter. At the end of the telephone triage, clients are provided with their first appointment with a community-based mental health and addictions professional within the client's geographical  area.


Toll free triage line process


If you have any questions about our services please call:  1-844-353-3330

Other Mental Health and Addictions Services

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