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Ambulance Services to Continue During Job Action

January 20, 2022

Central Health is ensuring the continuance of ambulance services throughout the job action being taken by some private ambulance services. Ambulance services for emergencies will continue to be provided throughout the region and residents should continue to call 911 if they require emergency health services.

Maintaining emergency services is a high priority for Central Health and plans are in place to help mitigate potential risk as a result of the strike. In the Central region, the strike impacts ambulance services provided by paramedics in the Carmanville, Boyd’s Cove, Gambo and Fogo areas. Ambulance services will continue in these areas as well as throughout the region, during the strike.

Arrangements have been made with service providers that are not involved in this strike to provide support for emergency response.


Gayle St. Croix

Director of Communications and Government Relations

Central Health



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