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Central Health increasing cafeteria prices to offset inflation

Central Health wishes to advise the public and staff that there will be a slight increase in cafeteria prices at all retail locations.

Effective July 11, 2022, regional cafeteria prices will increase by 7 percent. A second 7 percent increase will take effect on November 14th, 2022. The adjustment to pricing is required as a result of the current inflation rate for food products. We understand that this will have an impact on everybody and to mitigate Central Health will be implementing the increase in two phases. Cafeteria prices will still remain significantly below market price with these increases.

To help you understand the new pricing, please see the following chart for commonly purchased items:


Current Price (tax inc.)

New Price (tax inc.) July 11, 2022

New Price (tax inc.) Nov 14, 2022

​Medium Coffee












Tea Bun
















Central Health would like to thank patrons for their continued support and understanding as we transition to the new pricing.

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