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Resumption of Emergency Services at the Bay d’Espoir Medical Clinic

Central Health would like to advise that effective 8:00 am on Sunday, July 26, there will be a resumption of emergency physician services at the Bay d’Espoir Medical Clinic (BDEMC) in St. Albans.

Recently, emergency services have been diverted from BDEMC due to the unavailability of physicians to provide this service.

Central Health has been successful in engaging two physicians, on a rotating schedule, to provide both 24/7 emergency services and day-time clinical services, based at BDEMC, for the residents of the Bay d’Espoir area, which encompasses six communities from Morrisville to St Alban’s.

The range of services will augment the existing virtual care services and will include virtual consultations, in-person clinic visits and support for the Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses.

As before, all appointments will be coordinated through the office staff at the clinic.

We apologize once again for this interruption of service and thank the public for their understanding as we continue to focus on providing sustainable, safe and quality care for the residents of the Bay d’Espoir area.


Media Contact: Gayle St. Croix Director of Communications (709) 572-1165



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