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Therapeutic Recreation

What is Therapeutic Recreation (TR)?


Practiced in clinical, residential, and community settings, the profession of therapeutic recreation uses treatment, education, and recreation services to help people with illnesses, disabilities, and other conditions to develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, independence, and well-being.


Therapeutic Recreation involves: 


• Functional Intervention - TR staff identify goals with residents/families to help guide treatment/services.

• Leisure Education - Development of knowledge, attitudes, values, behaviors, skills and resources.

• Recreation Participation - Meaningful leisure and recreation opportunities designed for fun, enjoyment, and self-expression

There are two classifications of practitioners in the field of Therapeutic Recreation in Central Health:

  1. Recreation Specialists- require successful completion of a 4-year Therapeutic Recreation degree program from a recognized university   

  2. Recreation Therapy Workers- require successful completion of a 2 year diploma program from College

Therapeutic Recreation staff work with other health care professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, registered dietitians, nurses,  physicians, and other health-care staff as part of your health care team.

What is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist?


A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist® (CTRS) is the qualified professional providing recreational therapy services. The CTRS has demonstrated professional competence by acquiring a specific body of knowledge and passing the National Council Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) exam. 


Please see link below for further information:

Looking for Therapeutic Recreation Internships & Student Placements?

Please contact Doug Keough, Regional Manager – Therapeutic Recreation at: 

Doug Keough

Regional Manager - Therapeutic Recreation

Central Health

Phone: (709) 673-8211

Fax: (709) 673-2832

Hours of Operation:

Normal hours are Monday to Friday between 0800 - 1700 hours, varying from site to site, with special programming offered occasionally on evenings and weekends.



Therapeutic Recreation services is provided at Central Health’s 11 Long Term Care Homes and on our Mental Health Unit - 2E, at Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre.  (click link for locations and staff contact information)


Additional Links:


Newfoundland and Labrador Therapeutic Recreation Association:


Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association:


National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification: 

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