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In-patient or acute care information

Every effort will be made to meet the individual needs of each patient. in acute care facilities. A team approach is used to ensure quality of care, focusing on the medical, physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs. Below is information that patients and families can access to tell them what to expect if they become a patient at one of Central Health's acute care facilities.

Department of Health and Community Services Guidelines for Visitors - Acute Care, Long-term Care and Personal Care Homes - effective July 23, 2021.

Admission/Discharge acute care information booklet for patients and families 

Transfer to another facility for continued care

Client relations - We want to hear from you

Scented products in the workplace

It's OK to ask

Being Smoke free

Taking steps to avoid falls in a health care setting

Advanced Health Care Directive Pamphlet

Preventing blood clots

Rights and responsibilities brochure

Medication safety

Our commitment to privacy and confidentiality

Pet Visitation Policy

Important information about ambulances services



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