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Maternal, Child, & Population Health

The Maternal, Child and Population Health Division of Central Health offers a variety of health promotion and protection services across the region with a focus on prevention and early detection and intervention. The aim of health promotion services is to improve the health status of the population by providing people with the information they need to make healthy choices on a variety of lifestyle issues such as healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco use and injury prevention. Health protection services focus on the prevention of disease in the population by immunization and education.

It is recognized that there are a variety of factors that influence the health of individuals, families and populations including education, income, social support networks, employment and working conditions, social status, gender, genetics, health services, physical environments, personal health practices and coping skills, culture and healthy child development. With this in mind, our work involves collaboration with other sectors of Central Health and outside agencies to plan for improved health outcomes using a population health approach.

Programs/services offered by public health nurses in the local areas include:

Prenatal Screening

Childbirth Education

Healthy Beginnings

Parenting Support

Health Checks Program

School Health

Health Protection Services (includes child and adult immunizations)

Lifestyle Clinics

Health Promotion

Veggies & Fruit

Community Development

Cervical Screening Initiatives Program (CSI)

Post Partum Depression - It can happen to you.

Midwifery at Central Health

Note: All services may not be available in all areas.

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