Patient Experience Advisor

Central Health is committed to partnering with those we serve…together we can improve healthcare in our region! 

Are you interested in partnering with us by volunteering as a Patient Experience Advisor?

A Patient Experience Advisor is…


A patient or patient’s family member that has experienced care within the past five years who are:

  • Understanding and supportive of Person and Family Centred Care

  • Willing to share insights, ideas and experiences in ways others can learn

  • Committed and trustworthy

  • Comfortable work with others as part of a team

  • Focused on improving care experiences for others

  • A good listener who respects the perspectives of others

  • Able to keep patient and organizational information confidential


Patient Experience Advisor role


Patient Experience Advisors share their valuable insights and first-hand knowledge of how services impact patients. Patient Experience Advisors help us meet the needs and priorities of our patients, families and community.


Patient Experience Advisors have direct input and influence the policies, programs and practices that shape the care and services that people receive at Central Health.


An effective Patient Experience Advisor…

  • Believes that your health experiences or your family members’ will make a difference for others

  • Has good listening and communication skills

  • Has an open mind and positive approach

  • Wants to find solutions


Time commitment


You decide how much time you volunteer as a Patient Experience Advisor. It may be a one-time activity, such as sharing your hospital experience to healthcare providers. It may involve participation in a committee, working group or team.

We encourage people of Central Newfoundland to apply for this great opportunity to help make a difference.


How to Apply


Start your journey to make a difference.


If you are interested in becoming a Patient Experience Advisor, please complete application below or contact:


Suzanne House
Patient Experience Leader
Telephone: (709) 571-1846


We are currently recruiting Patient Experience Advisors for: