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Community Health Services

The Community Support and Residential Services Division of Central Health offers a diversity of supportive programs and services across the region,aimed at providing individuals with the opportunity to live as independently as possible within their community.  The focus is on helping individuals access the supports they need to overcome barriers, enhance independence and improve quality of life. 

A full range of community based programs and services are provided by qualified health care professionals throughout the region.To learn more about the specific services offered by the Community Support & Residential Services Division click on one of the following programs:

Community Support Services Central Intake


Community Supports - Adult Protection After Hours


We are currently recruiting for Alternate Family Caregivers in the Grand Falls-Windsor, Gander, Lewisporte, Springdale and Baie Verte areas.

Community Support and Residential Services uses a single entry service model for service delivery.  




Single point of entry allows individuals/clients to obtain information and gain access to a broad range of health and social programs including community, facility based, home support and other supportive services. Access to these programs and services is based on a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to assessment and placement.

Assessment is interdisciplinary and is the collection and collation of information to determine strengths and needs. The client is an integral part of this process and the type of assessment(s) required is determined by professionals involved.

The Long Term Care and Community Support Program: Adult Needs Assessment is a comprehensive, functional tool designed to assist health care professionals to objectively assess client's care needs, and determine appropriate placement options. The format is designed to ensure objectivity and allows comments by the assessor to describe or define client's status or needs.

The Long Term Care and Community Support Program: Adult Needs Assessment is completed upon initial client assessment to access:

  • home support services;

  • personal care home;

  • long term care home;

  • respite care;

  • alternate family care;

  • board and lodging (with relatives or non-relatives);

  • independent living arrangements;

  • other residential options;

  • access professional services; and

  • when there is significant change in the client's condition and services are still required.

Placement is the outcome of the assessment process.


The Placement Coordination Program, through its Regional Placement Coordinators, is responsible for the screening and approval of requests for service and coordination for or on behalf of the client and/or family to:

  • facilitate placement within a community based or facility based residential options, and/or

  • obtain home support and other supportive services that will enable the client to meet service goals and expected outcomes.

Placement coordination is both a concept and a process. As a concept, it is a system of relationships between direct service providers, agencies, and clients.

As a process, it is an interaction within a service network which assures that a client receives needed services in a supportive, effective, efficient and cost effective manner.


Case Management is a method of providing services whereby professionals work

collaboratively to:

  • assess the strengths and needs of the client and the client's family when appropriate; and

  • advocate for, arrange, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate, a package of services to meet the client's needs.

The anticipated outcome of the Case Management approach is improved quality of care to clients.

Members of the case management team will vary depending on the services required to address the assessed needs of the client. The case management team may consist of the following, but not be limited to:

  • Community Support Social Worker (CSSW)

  • Continuing Care Nurse Coordinator (CCNC)

  • Liaison Nurse

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

  • Behaviour Management Specialist (BMS)

  • Occupational Therapist (OT)

  • Financial Assessor (FA)

  • Regional Dietitian

  • Regional Coordinators

  • Managers/Director/VP

  • Client/Caregivers

  • Other professional staff as needed

Central Health offers Community Support & Residential Services through a number of offices in the region. To access these services or for more information please contact the office which serves your community.

Community Support Services Central Intake


Community Supports - Adult Protection After Hours



Health Centres

A.M. Guy Memorial Health Centre, Buchans, NL, P.O. Box 39, A0H 1G0
Telephone: 672-
3343                        Fax: 672-1123

Baie Verte Peninsula Health Centre, 1 Columbus Drive, Baie Verte, AOK 1BO
Telephone: 532-5271                        Fax: 532-4632

Brookfield Bonnews Health Centre, New-Wes-Valley, NL, A0G 1B0
Telephone: 536-2160                        Fax: 536-3491

Fogo Island Health Centre, P.O. Box 9, A0G 2B0
Telephone: 266-2406                        Fax: 266-1104

Green Bay Health Centre, 275 Main Street, P.O. Box 280, A0J 1T0
Telephone: 673-4676                        Fax: 673-2114



Community Health Centres

Belleorm Community Health Centre, P.O. Box 206, A0H 1B0
Telephone: 881-6106                        Fax: 881-6104

Botwood Community Health Centre, 2 Airbase Road, P.O. Box 945, A0H 1E0
Telephone: 257-4900                        Fax: 257-3640

Connaigre Peninsula Community Health Centre, P.O. Box 368, A0H 1P0
Telephone: 885-2106                        Fax: 885-2892

Centreville Community Health Centre, P.O. Box 181, A0G 4P0
Telephone: 678-6356                        Fax: 678-2095

Change Island Community Health Centre, c/o Medical Clinic, A0G 1R0
Telephone: 621-6161                        Fax: 621-3126

Eastport Community Health Centre, Medical Clinic, P.O. Box 111, A0G 1Z0
Telephone: 677-3269                        Fax: 677-2451

Dr. Brian Adams Community Health Centre, P.O. Box 329, A0G 1T0, Gambo, NL
Telephone: 674-5373                        Fax: 674-0067

Bell Place Community Health Centre, 3 Bell Place, Gander, NL, A1V 2 T4
Telephone: 651-6241                        Fax: 651-3556

Victoria Cove Fire Hall, c/o General Delivery, Victoria Cove, A0G 4N0
Telephone: 676-2959                         Fax: 676-2456

Glovertown Medical Clinic, P.O. Box 9, A0G 2L0
Telephone: 533-2566                         Fax: 533-1086

Community Health Centre, 36 Queensway, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL  A2B 1J3
Telephone: 489-8161                         Fax 709-489-8844

Lewisporte Community Health Centre - 394-412  Main Street, P.O. Box 1209
Telephone: 535-0906/0905               Fax: 535-0360

Musgrave Harbour Community Centre, A0G 3A0
Telephone: 655-2384                        Fax: 655-2078

Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre, Twillingate, NL
Telephone: 884-1370                        Fax: 884-5437

New World Island Community Health, c/o NWI Clinic, Summerford,  A0G 4E0
Telephone: 629-7176                        Fax: 629-7114

Robert's Arm Community Health Centre, Burton's Enterprises Building, P.O. Box 219, A0J 1R0
Telephone: 652-3798                       Fax: 652-3671

St. Alban's Community Health Centre, The Regional Resource Centre, Cormier Avenue, P.O. Box 490, A0H 2E0
Telephone: 538-3738                       Fax: 538-3563

St. Brendan's Community Health Centre, Medical Clinic, A0G 3V0
Telephone: 669-5381                       Fax: 669-3105

Community Support Services Central Intake


Community Supports - Adult Protection After Hours


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