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Our Values

Central Health values are its organizational ethics that guide and inspire best practices of employees, physicians, volunteers, and leadership. They encourage us to strive for excellence and grow with purpose to support the health and well-being of the people we serve. They create a guiding framework and enhance our person- and family-centred care philosophy, where the person we serve and their family are at the heart of every decision we make and every action we take.



We are kind, caring, considerate, and empathetic to our clients, patients, residents, their families and caregivers, and to each other. We show compassion by being person- and family-centred, by respecting privacy, encouraging others, showing empathy, being non-judgmental, expressing gratitude, and by being emotionally self-aware.


​We are honest, transparent, and responsible in ensuring the sustainability of the operations of the health care system we are entrusted to manage. We show accountability by living our values, monitoring resource utilization to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, enhancing quality and safety, protecting privacy, improving the patient and employee experience, providing person- and family-centred care, actively participating in collaborations and partnerships to advance our mandate, leading and developing people to support optimal individual and team performance, and using evidence to guide decision-making.



We embrace diversity and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We respect the lived experience of clients, patients, residents and their families, and the worked experience of employees. We show respect by acting with integrity, engaging others in discussions and decisions affecting them, by listening and responding to personal, cultural, and spiritual perspectives, and through meaningful collaboration with stakeholders and partners.


We act diligently and strategically to deliver a quality and sustainable healthcare system for the people of Central Newfoundland. We lead the organization with openness and transparency, respond to current needs and plan for future needs, manage our resources responsibly, seek new opportunities of growth and strive for innovation. We invest in our people and infrastructure. We utilize best practices that are evidence-based, we deliver efficient and technology-driven systems, and we measure our work through robust evaluation. We are accountable to the people we serve and actively engage our population for feedback and direction, we foster established relationships while building new partnerships, and we come together with stakeholders to fulfill our vision of Healthy People and Healthy Communities.



Established by Accreditation Canada, we have adopted the following dimensions of quality: Safety, Client-centred Services, Worklife, Efficiency, Appropriateness, Accessibility, Population Focus and Continuity of Services. We demonstrate compassion, warmth, and respect through a client-focused culture that puts the patient, resident, client, and family at the center of everything we do. We are a trained and respectful workforce that deliver care by professional standards. We provide care in well-maintained facilities and optimize technology to increase access to virtual care and other services. We strive to achieve better outcomes and experiences for those we serve.

recreation therapist.png

Angie Smith, Recreation Therapist Worker at Valley Vista
Senior Citizens’ Home in Springdale plays ball with residents.
  Play and social engagement can slow or help prevent a decline in health.   

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