Our Values

Central Health's core values offer principles and a guiding framework for all employees as they work in their various capacities to support the health and well-being of the people served by Central Health. 

At Central Health, we believe that by living our values we can help make a health care experience the best it can be, regardless of the circumstance.

We promise to communicate with compassion and respect. We will work to ensure we provide equitable services throughout the region. We will clearly and openly communicate our plans, our services, and our performance because we are accountable to the people we serve.

We will strive to do this within available resources, except where otherwise directed by legislation. 

Our Core Values

Central Health C.A.R.E.S

Compassion     Accountability     Respect     Equity     Safety

Our core values are central to what we do at Central Health and how we do it.


We are kind, caring, considerate, and empathetic to our clients, patients, residents, their families and caregivers, and to each other. We show compassion by being person- and family-centred, by respecting privacy, encouraging others, showing empathy, being non-judgmental, expressing gratitude, and by being emotionally self-aware.


We are honest, transparent, and responsible in ensuring the sustainability of the operations of the health care system we are entrusted to manage. We show accountability by living our values, monitoring resource utilization to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, enhancing quality and safety, improving the patient experience, providing person- and family-centred care, actively participating in collaborations and partnerships to advance our mandate, leading and developing people to support optimal individual and team performance, and using evidence 
to guide decision-making.


We embrace diversity, and treat everyone with respect and dignity. We show respect by acting with integrity, engaging others in discussions and decisions affecting them, by listening and responding to personal, cultural, and spiritual perspectives, and through meaningful collaboration with stakeholders and partners.


We strive to provide timely access to the right care, by the right provider, to everyone living in the Central Health region. We show equity in planning and delivering services throughout the region by assessing the health needs of the people we serve, and by working with community stakeholders and partners to address avoidable disparities.


We provide a physically and psychologically safe environment for clients, patients, residents, their families, and our employees. Safety is the first and final check for all health care planning and delivery decisions. We foster a fair and just culture, and we learn together when an unsafe event happens.