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General Visitation now in place at Central Health’s non-outbreak sites

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

UPDATED October 20, 2021

October 19, 2021

Central Health wishes to advise the public that visitation restrictions have lessened at non-outbreak sites and General Visitation is now in place.

Visitor restrictions differ at Central Health’s outbreak and non-outbreak sites.

Sites where an outbreak is present

Visitor Restrictions of one essential visitor per patient/resident will be in place at:

  • Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre, Grand Falls-Windsor

An essential visitor is essential to the client needs. For example, a patient who has specific challenges resulting in compromised comprehension, decision-making or mobility due to disability or onset of a medical condition will require an essential visitor/support person when attending outpatient/ambulatory clinic appointments or presenting at the emergency department. For pediatric patients – both parents/guardians may be designated as essential visitors. Once identified, the essential visitor should remain constant.

All other sites

General Visitation will be in place; however, individuals will be required to adhere to public health guidance to ensure the safety of patients/residents and staff.

  • visits will be limited to two people at the same time. The patient/resident/family will coordinate the visiting times, ensuring that physical distancing requirements can be maintained by the visitors in the space available. When visiting a patients/resident in a multi-bed room, visitors are reminded that physical distancing is recommended as much as possible. As well, please keep in mind the comfort level of the other patients/residents of the room. When children 18 years and under are visiting, two adults may be present while the children are visiting the patient/resident.

  • Visitors are not limited to one visit a day.

  • Visitation is encouraged in a patient/resident’s room or outdoors. Physical distancing must be maintained if visitation takes place outside the room and inside the facility.

  • Each time you enter a health care facility, we ask that you limit visitation to one patient/resident. In extenuating circumstances visits with more than one patient/resident will be allowed (i.e. both parents in LTC).

  • All support persons/visitors must register upon arrival to the facility and be screened for COVID-19 prior to the visit.

  • Please note that a delay in screening upon entry may occur if there are a high number of visitors at the same time.

  • Please call your loved one’s facility to confirm times for visitation. Palliative care visitations will be determined in collaboration with the family and care team.

  • If you have questions, please contact the care team to discuss visitation for your loved one.

  • Individuals who are required to self-isolate are permitted to provide support/visit only in the specific situations outlined in Section 3.1 Obstetrics and Section 5.1 End-of Life Visiting – All Facilities, and only in consultation with the clinical care team of the patient/resident.


  • A support person can be an individual who is required to isolate, providing the individual is asymptomatic and abides by all infection prevention and control measures of the facility.

Emergency department services and scheduled outpatient appointments are not affected.

Individuals requiring information about their loved ones should phone the appropriate nursing unit.

Central Health would like to thank the public for their understanding and co-operation at this time.


Media contact: Gayle St. Croix Director, Communications and Government Relations



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