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Public Service Announcement

In May 2020, we diverted Emergency Services from the Bay d’Espoir Community Health Centre (BDECHC) to the Connaigre Peninsula Health Center (CPHC) in Harbour Breton. This diversion came as a result of a lack of physician availability in the Bay d’Espoir area.

As a result of this diversion, we have seen increased patient volumes at the Connaigre Peninsula Health Center (CPHC) in Harbour Breton. To help support the staff in Harbour Breton who are managing this increase in patient volume from the Bay d’Espoir area, we are temporarily reassigning two Registered Nurses from the BDECHC. The Registered Nurses will be reassigned to Harbour Breton until we are able to reestablish Emergency Services at the BDECHC.

We understand that this is a concern for those living in the Bay d’Espoir area who feel that they no longer have access to Emergency Services. The challenge in recruiting and retaining physicians has been felt across the province and has been especially difficult in the Bay d’Espoir area. I would like to reiterate that the reassignment of the two RNs to Harbour Breton is a temporary reassignment, and we will continue to assess the situation based on service needs in the area.

Central Health has formed a Committee composed of members of the communities of Coast of Bays and employees of Central Health to make recommendations on a sustainable primary health care model for that region. We have 12 community members from the region on this committee. We are confident that the committee will provide us recommendations on a model that will enable us to provide services in the Bay d’Espoir area that meet the needs of the residents.

Please be assured that Central Health is committed to continuing to provide sustainable health care services to the residents of Bay d’Espoir. All non-emergency services at BDECHC, such as Nurse Practitioner clinics will continue as normal. Lab and X-ray services will continue by appointment only. Virtual Care options and the outpatient physician clinic will continue to be offered from this clinic and supported by a Licensed Practical Nurse. Dr Hewitt will be available for onsite clinic visits two days a week, every other week. To book an appointment, please call (709) 538-3244. Two non-emergent assessment clinics in Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor are also available and accessible to all residents of the Coast of Bays.

In case of emergency, residents can call the emergency department at the Connaigre Peninsula Health Centre in Harbour Breton at (709) 885-2401.

We apologize for this interruption of service and thank the public for their understanding and patience as we continue to focus on providing safe and quality care for the residents of the Bay d’Espoir area.

Andree Robichaud President and CEO, Central Health



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