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Self-Management Support Resources for Patients and Families

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Self-Management is the ability to manage your health, to deal with the emotions that go along with having a chronic or long-term health condition and coping with the changes that you experience in your daily life. Good self-managers have skills and confidence to manage health problems and engage in goal setting.

When you have a chronic condition, you should be an active participant in the care you receive. Good self-managers can work with their health care providers to achieve the best health outcomes.



Improving Health My Way


Action planning tool for goal setting

Take Part

Take PART recommends including a family member or supportive person in patient appointments. Physical attendance is not always possible with family members living away and recording appointments is sometimes a request. Please refer to Central Health’s policy on audio, video and photographic recordings below for more information.


IPR-0014 - Audio, video and photographic recordings.


If you are looking for help in improving your own health? These are resources that anyone can access!

More information about Chronic Disease
Prevention and Management 

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